Smoke city is smoking hot

I have yet to listen to the whole album but the first track on it gives a hint ( i hope ) as to how good the entire album is. In most cases record labels structure the tracks on albums in a certain way that the first two or three tracks are hot and the rest are not…But i digress.

The first time i heard this song was on Michel Gondry’s ad for a jeans company. He didn’t do a shabby at all work in seamlessly weaving the intricate rhythms and melodies of the song into his visual style.

SIDE NOTE: I fucking love Gondry’s work.

A lot of other bands have had their names catapulted into stardom after one track, one wonders why that isnt the case with smoke city. Casing point portishead and the whole rave about glorybox ( truth be told i prefer tricky’s sample of issac hayes’ tune to make ‘Hell is around the corner’…Apart from the fact that the track is also graced by the sumptiously seductive voice of Martina Topley Bird)

So for those of you already familiar with smoke city’s work just enjoy it again and for those newbies enjoy also… The second vid is Michel Gondry’s ad for Levi’s

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