Over 1.5 million views…and still counting

I made a couple of vids a while back when i was staying with my auntie at baatsonaa in accra. The number of hits they’ve racked up has surprised me to an extent but not too much 🙂 . The sixth pence none the richer vid i knew would get some attention ( sex or implied sexuality sells, period). It turns out i was right. 1.5million + views (combined for all three vids) later i have decided to blog about it

INTERESTING FACT : The bulk of my viewers for the ‘kiss me’ video are from Saudi Arabia; of all places. They must love kissing over there. Saudi , hmm who would have ever thought? I hope all those who viewed are still alive … in a country where you get your hand cut off for stealing a fucking orange, god knows what you’ll endure when you are caught watching soft obscenities on an infidel website…

In no particular order, there are the three vids i talk about.

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